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The goal was to revitalize the center of the city through the re-design of this central plaza. Visitors to the city-center increased by 30-50%, the area became safer and shows noticeably less vandalism. Surrounding businesses increased their sales volumes. At the center of this design lies the idea of a central water axis from ‘source to pond‘, fed by stormwater circulation, as a connecting element between the town hall at the market square and the municipal park. Details of this water axis start with an intricate water cascade gurgling down the stairway at the town hall. The waters journey goes on through a meandering channel system along the market square all the way to the municipal park, where it features a ford, cleansing biotope and retention pond. Rainwater collects on the surface of the market place in channels which lead into a planted cleansing biotope. A cistern is located at its lowest spot, from where a pump returns the water to the top of the staircase at the town hall. Excess rainwater flows into the adjacent retention pond.


Client: City of Hattersheim
Expertise: Open Space, Art, Storm Water Management
Project Role: Water course and open space design

Design: 1988 - 1992
Construction: 1989 - 1993
Area: 4.600 m2 / 49.450 sq ft

GPS: 50°04’14” N / 8°29’05” E



"This project was originally produced by Atelier Dreiseitl under the leadership of Herbert Dreiseitl.
Since its merger with Ramboll Group A/S it is owned by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl ."

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