In the last three decades, we have realized a high number
of projects to improve the liveability of cities and regions
in co-creation with stakeholders and residents.

DREISEITLconsulting is working from small to large scale
as a consultant to municipalities and the private sectors.

With a strong track record in water-related issues of urban planning
we provide today services at different levels and for various topics.






Policy Making

Urban Planning

Landscape Architecture

Blue Green Infrastructure


Our projects strive for balancing
urban climates and introduce resiliency
by providing space for the flow dynamics of rivers.

Our designs are based on a deep understanding of natural processes,
which serve as an orientation, but they go far beyond in order
to create cities of the 21st Century and the challenges they are facing.

The tools and methods applied in our work and
in interactive settings with municipalities and residents
are based on 30 years of experience and shaped towards
the needs of the specific culture, region and specific frame conditions.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals are one of the targeted marks.


We understand our core task to make the planet a better place