Climate Change Realities
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Climate Change Realities

  • Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre (Karte)
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Singapore’s Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

MEWR is holding a Annual Partners for the Environment (PFE) Forum

The Partners for the Environment (PFE) Forum is an annual event organised by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. It brings together our key partners from the Private, People and Public (3P) sectors for the sharing of ideas and initiatives.

This year’s PFE is organised with the British High Commission in Singapore, in support of the Singapore-United Kingdom Partnership for the Future. The event will launch Climate Action Week, which runs from 17 to 23 July 2019. In line with our Year Towards Zero Waste and Climate Action Week, PFE 2019 will have the following highlights:
• Singapore Packaging Agreement Awards
• Keynote speech by Minister Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources
• Sharing of insights from the latest climate change research, successful partnerships and initiatives to achieve a zero waste vision
• Special tour of Stamford Detention Tank (limited spaces only).

Herbert Dreiseitl is one of the speaker at a sharing session on “Climate Change Realities”. The Forum brings together sustainability partners from the 3P (Private, People and Public) sectors to network and share ideas and initiatives.

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Resilent Blue-Green Infrastructure in times of Climate Change and Demanding Industrial Renewal
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Resilent Blue-Green Infrastructure in times of Climate Change and Demanding Industrial Renewal

  • JTC Theatrette @ JTC Summit (Level 2)609 (Karte)
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Public Lecture on ABC Water Design by Herbert Dreiseitl

Most Cities are not prepared to stand storms and extreme weather conditions we are facing at present and even more in the future. With more density and the loss of nature, the intensity of super storms, cloudbursts, the rise in sea-level, countered by heat waves and droughts will increase these challenges. It is a fact that climatic changes are speeding up and the impact on cities and urban regions and industries is getting more stressful we can not deny.

What are the instruments to make our cities more resilient and liveable? What perspectives and solutions do we have, and can we offer today and for future generations? It seems we have to be bolder and invent better environments for industrial sites, for circularity in production, for housing, mobility, and living. A central focus is water and green as most effected elements but also the possible medicine for cities and industrial sites as blue-green infrastructure.

In his presentation Herbert Dreiseitl will not end on a theoretical discourse but will share his practical experience and show proved examples from around the world with cases that work in reality like Potsdamer Platz Berlin, Cloudburst Resilient Copenhagen, ABC Program and Pilot Projects like Bishan Ang-Mo Kio Park, JTC Green Tech Park in Singapore, Tanner Springs in Portland Oregon, Cloudburst Resilient Design for Queens in New York City and others.

In short, there are better solutions available and there is absolutely no time to waste by waiting for the next regulatory frame conditions. But how can Blue/Green resilient Architecture become more mainstream?

Many studies and cases show that open spaces and urban landscapes can contribute to balance extremes but have to be installed as a Blue/Green infrastructure network. But here begins the conflict as a competition of functional space in permanent denser urban areas. It seems we have all technology and knowledge available today, however, there is still a lack of priority. In times of short turn investments and quick return interests, we need a better logic with clear and good arguments to give Blue/Green a chance to be enough and better integrated. Therefore, the common sense and public voices have to be louder and the engagement of people, good governance and politically empowerment with more circular capital investment is crucial. As cities are foremost for people the added values like biophilic effect must be revealed. To win the battle of space and prioritize Landscape in dense cities we need to describe, quantify and argue such topics like value of beauty and public involvement in the debate.

Free Admission

Kindly RSVP by 12 July 2019 by clicking on this link
Seats are available on a first come first serve basis. Please come early as seats are limited

Organised by JTC

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Resilient, Regenerativ, Ressourcenschonend - die wassergerechte und klimaneutrale Stadt“

Zwischenbilanz zu Klimawandel – öffentliche Räume – Image

Vortrag im Rahmen der Zielgebietsplattform Westgürtel Wien. Das Zielgebiet Westgürtel beschäftigt sich seit ca. zwei Jahren mit den Themen Klimawandel, öffentliche Räume und Image. Diese Zielgebietsplattform bietet Gelegenheit, sich zu diesen drei Themen zu informieren. Neben einem Vortrag des internationalen Experten Herbert Dreiseitl zu den Möglichkeiten des Regenwassermanagements gibt die Veranstaltung beispielsweise auch Einblick in neu gestaltete öffentliche Räume, die mit EU-Zielgebietsförderung finanziert wurden.
Wie immer gibt es auch Gelegenheit zur Vernetzung mit sehr unterschiedlichen Akteur*innen des Zielgebiets.

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Resilient, lebenswert, regenerativ - Singapore als urbanes Labor für zukunftsfähige Städte?

Umweltgerechtes und nachhaltiges Bauen

Umweltgerechtes und nachhaltiges Bauen ist eine nationale wie internationale Zukunftsaufgabe. Deutschland hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, bis 2050 klimaneutral zu wirtschaften. Die Rohstoffproduktivität soll deutlich steigen, d.h. signifkant weniger Rohstoffe sollen bei gleichzeitig ansteigendem Bruttoinlandsprodukt eingesetzt werden. Dies ist ein zwingender Beitrag, die Folgen von Bevölkerungs- und Wohlstandswachstum auf der Welt in nachhaltige und weniger die Umwelt und unsere Lebensgrundlage zerstörende Bahnen zu lenken. Die Frage der nachhaltigen Gestaltung und des Betriebes von Bauwerken über alle Phasen des Lebenszyklus nimmt dabei eine Schlüsselrolle ein.

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Resilience, Beauty and Common Sense: Dense urban landscapes in Turbulent Times


We live in turbulent times. Cities face climate change and extreme weather events, growing mental health issues, and inter-generational or inter-ethnic conflicts. Studies suggest Blue-Green sensitive design can help to address social and environmental challenges. But the pursuit of quick returns makes it difficult for designers to persuade their stakeholders and partners to value such landscapes in dense cities. Besides relying on regulations, how can we transcend conventional, short-term approaches to use common sense and prioritise qualities like resilience and beauty?

In this lecture, renowned designer Herbert Dreiseitl - most famous in Singapore for his involvement in the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park - shares successful international case studies to explore how we can nurture liveable, regenerative cities in times of social and environmental challenges.

Lecture from Herbert Dreiseitl and discussion with Wong Mun Summ, WOHA

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Talk: Regenerativ und resilient – Stadt- und Gebäudebegrünung im aktuellen Klimawandel

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HfWU-Hochschulreform IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart

Im Mai 2017 war die HfWU in ihre neue Veranstaltungsreihe zur IBA 2027 gestartet. Das Thema „Innovation und Urbanisierung – Gut leben in der Stadt der Zukunft“ wollte einen ersten allgemeinen Überblick geben. Mit dem 2. HfWU-Hochschulforum wird das IBA-Thema konkretisiert, diesmal zu „Stadtklima – Gebäudebegrünung“. Hierzu lädt die Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen (HfWU) gemeinsam mit der IBA 2027 GmbH, der Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH und der Stadt Nürtingen in die Nürtinger Stadthalle K3N ein.


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Keynote “The Added Values between Technology and Design to our Blue Planet”

BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues is an established English-language series of events in the international water sector. It was created in 2011, with the goal of being an evolving platform for exchanging knowledge, ideas, concepts, and experiences with politicians, private industry, researchers and non-government organizations.


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