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  • Globart Academy Klosterneuburger Straße Wien, Wien Austria (Karte)

GLOBART brings together brilliant thinkers with enthusiastic doers. Artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and inspiring human beings interact and widen the spectrum of our perspectives. Everything is possible. The GLOBART Academy offers a chance to meet people who can change our ways of thinking, people who encourage us to be better. A safe place to interact with activists, makers and thinkers, to find solutions to the issues of today for a happier tomorrow.

18.10.2019 | FRIDAY | 21:30 - 00:00

Water Workshop | Fluid Thinking für neue Ideen - was können wir vom Wasser lernen? / “ Fluid Thinking for new ideas - what can we learn from water? ”

A water workshop conducted by Herbert Dreiseitl, himself.
What makes our urban rooms liveable? Already as a child, I was fascinated by people in contact with water. “Through my working experience as an art therapeut, landscape architect and city planer I started to understand the importance of healthy, economical and social balanced frameworks. Be excited for this experiment!

19.10.2019 | SATURDAY | 17:45 - 18:15

LECTURE | Träume für das Wohlergehen der Menschen - von regionaler Wertschöpfung und globalem Wissenstransfer / “ Dreams for people's well-being - from Regional Value Creation and Transfer of Global Knowledge.”

A lecture conducted by Bettina Dreiseitl. Sharing her knowledge about how and why it is important for us to understand regional value creation and global knowledge for people’s well being.

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