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The Nikolaus Cusanus House, built in 1991, is a nursing and retirement home for 135 residents. The desire of the elderly to live close to nature as well as centrally located, was expressed in this generous 800m2 (~8,600 sqft) entrance design. Plants, light and water are the theme of this entrance hall that is four stories high. Environmentally friendly design is part of the building structure as well as the inner courtyard. A creek, fed by rainwater, travels through the entrance hall. The form of the water channels, or rills, is partly shaped by rock that was exposed during construction. Into some of these rocks meanders were chiseled or the rock was layered on top of each other. A fine film of water provides the pleasant sound of falling water. The pleasant background sound of gently falling water in harmony with the use of stone and tropical plants, lets people experience peace. The constant splashing and gurgling of the water allows for private conversations.


Client: Baugemeinschaft Birkach GbR
Expertise: Landscape Design
Stormwater Management
Open Space Design
Rainwater Management

Design: 1987 - 1990
Construction: 1990 - 1991
Area: 800 m2 / 753,5 sq ft
GPS: 48°43´28” N / 9°12’19” E

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"This project was originally produced by Atelier Dreiseitl under the leadership of Herbert Dreiseitl.
Since its merger with Ramboll Group A/S it is owned by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl ."

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