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The “Prisma” in Nuremberg, a mixed use facility with 61 residential units, 32 offices, 9 stores, a coffee-house and a kindergarten, was built with urban ecology in mind. Natural air conditioning and innovative rainwater management set in an artfully designed environment encourage a conscious use of natural resources. Rooftop water is collected, cleansed and send in two separate cycles through the building. The first cycle irrigates the plants in the 15 m high greenhouse and creates an interesting waterscape of creeks and ponds. Another water cycle pumps water in between colorful, 5 m tall glass walls. In this process air gets pulled inside through open crevices and exits purified and cooled together with the waterfall into the glasshouse. This makes for a pleasant interior climate, proven by the vitality of the plants. Remaining rainwater seeps into the ground under the building.


Client: Karlsruher Lebensversicherung AG
Expertise: Open Space
Landscape Architecture
Interior Design

Design: 1992 - 1994
Construction: 1993 - 1997
Area: Glasshouse Volume: 15.000 m3 / 19.620 cu yd
Water Surface: 240 m / 2.583 sq ft

GPS: 49°26’50” N / 11°03’47” E



"This project was originally produced by Atelier Dreiseitl under the leadership of Herbert Dreiseitl.
Since its merger with Ramboll Group A/S it is owned by Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl ."

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