Street Scenery in Bekasi/Jakarta

Street Scenery in Bekasi/Jakarta


together we search for practical knowledge

DREISEITLwesearch is our research branch. We collaborate with universities, research institutions, NGOs, and the public to create practical know-how and foster innovation that has a real impact on daily life. Specifically we are focusing right now on how Circular Economy can help to transform rural areas; as small towns and rural places face unique and urgent issues, such as managing limited resources and retaining businesses and people. We seek for a holistic approach to provide hope for neglected communities.

Blue-Green Infrastructure is one of our core areas of experise and interest. More than 30 years of practical experience, blended with research helps us to consult cities of how to find best solutions for the implementation of blue-green solutions (nature based solutions) into grey environments.

Research on Assessment Tools for creating regenerative urban and rural areas is another field that we are currently investigating in together with the team of Regensia/New York.

Together with an inter- and transdisciplinary crew of researchers, practitioners and companies we are developing a model for the community of the 21st century, called “Planet YES”.