Teaching & Trainings


Celebrating 60 Years of architecture at NUS

Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl with Head of Architecture Puay-Peng Ho

Students 2019, credit Bettina Dreiseitl

Taking Landscape Leadership

Case Study Bekasi at Jakarta
MLA Studio, National University of Singapore, Jan-May 2019

Clean Tech Hub Singapore, credit Herbert Dreiseitl

Singapore Water Academy Faculty

Trainings for the staff of PUB
July 2019

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CLC Fellow

As Fellow of the Center for Livable Cities in Singapore Herbert will be giving lectures about how to implement blue-green into the urban realm.

Team Auroville.jpg

Community Workshop Auroville/India

Aurovilians, residents, members of key working groups and local projects, including a few regional network partners took part in this workshop to realise “A town the earth needs”.

January 2019

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Fluid Thinking

Understanding the flow dynamics of water bodies, teaches us to better understand natural processes embedded in all human beings and environments.

Design Studio at Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2011

Flow Dynamics

Visualizing helps to understand the flow dynamics of rivers and streams.

We are training people at universities, NGOs, or private companies to think fluidly … water has an inherent way to move, and is searching its way around barriers.