Water Academy

Water is a medium to connect us with our inner and outer world. It is full of dynamism and it needs a sense of movement in the thoughts and ideas of people dealing with it. One has to know its special inner flexibility that is needed to work with water successfully.

Learning to think Fluidly Thinking

It allows us to observe our environment with an open mind heart and soul and gaining the inner flexibility to work with water and life.

DREISEITLconsulting offers a Water Academy Program which is specially curated, developed and organised for people over a wide spectrum of fields. Our programs are notable for their quality, and actual water know-how, combined with water experiments, lectures, seminars and workshops.


We offer


Lectures, Workshops, Seminars & Field Trips for different professions




Water Experiments

Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Climate Resilience, Crisis, Emergency

Blue Green Infrastructure

Ecology Farming

Water Engineering

Public & Civic Engagement

Policy Making

Corporate Team-Building


We provide tailored packages to think fluidly.

Reach out to us and we are more than happy to organize, adapt and adjust our services in compliance with your needs!


Packages & Duration




Lectures - Seminars


Lecture - Seminars - Workshops - Field trips


1 Day


1 Day

2 - 3 Days


Additionally, the packages are also offered in our city, Überlingen, Germany



Start to Think Fluidly with us

It is our hope that participants not only leave the Water Academy program with a better understanding of water systems but are also well equipped with knowledge and skills to help lead the debate and discussions on how important water issues are at the moment and would be in the future for the safety and health of our environment and planet.