What are the ingredients for a better world?

We need to establish regenerative and healthy environments. In the last 3 decades we have realized numerous projects to improve the liveability of cities and regions in co-creation with the residents. The experiences gained from our work are the basis for further projects, as well as teaching and research. And out of that, new tasks are arising, dedicated more than ever to the development of regenerative areas that support healthy conditions. To realize such environments and gain impacts in complex systems, the will and ability of interdisciplinary cooperation is needed. In consequence living systems, where biophilia and biodiversity are nurished, will arise.

To convey this know-how is our purpose and committment. We consult, teach and research globally about topics such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, stormwater management and integrative water systems, multifunctional uses, urban and regional planning, and meaningful design. We approach these tasks always in the context and awareness of the social and cultural impacts.