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Herbert Dreiseitl

Herbert Dreiseitl, Harvard GSD Loeb Fellow, and Fellow of the Center of Liveable Cities in Singapore is a landscape architect, urban designer, water artist, interdisciplinary planner, and currently at Professor a NUS Singapore. He lectures worldwide and has authored many publications including three editions of Recent Waterscapes, Planning, Building and Designing with Water. 

He is an internationally highly respected expert in creating Liveable Cities around the world with a special hallmark on the inspiring and innovative use of water to solve urban environmental challenges, connecting technology with aesthetics and encouraging people to take care and ownership for places. For his work he received many awards in the United States and around the world. He has founded Atelier Dreiseitl in 1980 (today Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl), a globally integrated design firm with a long-standing history of excellence in urban design, landscape architecture and resilient ecological planning. During the last 5 years he developed the “Liveable Cities Lab” (LCL), a think-tank at the Ramboll Group International, now based in Boston.

Today Herbert is an independent consultant for many cities and initiatives around the globe. His work integrates regenerative processes, demonstrating a portfolio of site-responsive interventions of community based urban planning and environmental sensitive engineering. and regular Visiting Professor at NUS Singapore

Herbert initiated and influenced several important movements like the WSUD, the ABC Water Guidelines for Singapore, Cloudburst projects in Copenhagen, New York City and Washington DC in cooperation with the Ramboll team; he also led research projects like with MIT, Harvard GSD, NUS and Zeppelin University, for a successful implementation of Blue-Green Infrastructure in dense cities worldwide.

Herbert Dreiseitl is also known for his Artwork and Aesthetics combining Regenerative, Resilient and Smart Technology with policy making and good governance. He is always asking how to bring best value to the society, create a culture of inspiration, and implement better integrated solutions to humanize cities.

DREISEITLconsulting advices many initiatives and cities around the world to improve resiliency and regenerative frame conditions.


Bettina Dreiseitl-Wanschura

With a background in landscape ecology (Master´s degree), Bettina focuses on consulting cities and regions for future-oriented development and how to meet the needs of the residents. She is an expert for Public and Stakeholder Involvement with a focus on environmental issues, Landscape and Urban Planning, as well as for water related topics like Water Diplomacy.

Due to her career as Founder and Partner of PlanSinn GmbH in Vienna, she disposes of a 20-years experience in landscape planning and the involvement of people in decision-making processes. Her engagement deals with the improvement of the life quality and urban standards of living but is very sensitive about the genius loci and the specific cultural circumstances and traditions. Her passion for local knowledge motivates her involvement in public planning processes to encourage municipalities, stakeholder and community engagement. Another sector of her work is PR and science communication, as well as facilitating conferences and seminars for topics, which are linked to environmental issues.

Besides PlanSinn, Bettina was working as Managing Consultant at Rambølls Liveable Cities Lab (09/2013 until 07/2018) for consulting cities and regions for a future oriented development. In 2017/18 she supported the opening of the US office in Boston. Today Bettina has her own consultancy DREISEITLwesearch and is owner of PlanSinn GmbH.

Since the launch of the European Water Framework Directive Bettina was consulting European Municipalities and Ministries in „translating“ its content to the public and to engage people living in river catchment areas in decision making processes about the future development of their water bodies.

Bettina is engaged in research projects focusing on blue-green urban infrastructure and their social impact as well as the cost-benefits and added values these infrastructures mean to cities. Under these topics she lead a collaborative research project “Enhancing blue-green infrastructure and social performance in high-density urban environments”, with researchers from the National University of Singapore, MIT, Harvard GSD, and Zeppelin University. Currently she is involved in “Naturvation – Nature Based Solutions for Urban Innovation”, funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.


Raymond Yong

Studied Diploma in Environment Design at Temasek Polytechnic, School of Design, Singapore 2010 - 2013. Raymond’s interest for landscape architecture grew and he furthered his education with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at National University of Singapore (BA. Arch) 2015 – 2018 and Master of Landscape Architecture at National University of Singapore (MLA) 2018 – 2019.

Raymond joined DREISEITLconsulting in 2019 and today, he is based in Überlingen, Germany.